Find out what a treasure hunting family found.

Treasure hunting family finds gold treasures.

We’ve all heard the stories of treasure ships that have fallen victim to the sea, many of which were never found due to the lack of technology at the time of their disappearance. This lost treasure has resulted in many treasure hunters striking out in hopes of hitting it rich by finding gold and other treasures that went down with ships hundreds of years ago. While many people search for years with no results, one lucky Florida family was able to strike it big with the discovery of a sunken Spanish ship carrying gold coins and other treasures.

A Variety of Rare Treasures

The Schmitt family, which was commissioned by 1715 Fleet-Queens Jewels, a salvage company seeking the sunken Spanish fleets from the time period of 1715, was able to locate this amazing treasure off the coast of Fort Pierce in Florida. While they kept their find a secret for several weeks before the announcement was made, they were able to recover more than a million dollars’ worth of lost treasure, which included 51 gold coins and at least 40 feet of gold chains. Their recovery included a single coin that was commissioned by Philip V, the king of Spain, and is dated 1715. This coin alone is thought to be worth more than half a million dollars.

A Popular Ship Wreck

The ship wreck that was discovered has been discussed in many books, documentaries and other articles. This is because it wasn’t just one ship that was sunk. Instead, an entire Spanish fleet, which was traveling from Cuba to Spain, was overtaken by a hurricane in July of 1715. All 11 of the ships sank and their crews perished. The 1715 Fleet-Queens Jewels has worked with a number of treasure hunters and have, to this date, discovered six of those ships.

Plenty More to Find

Because just six of the 11 ships have been identified, there is still more than $400 million worth of treasure out there for others to find. Finding gold that hasn’t been uncovered in more than 300 years can be a thrilling experience for a number of reasons. Not only will you gain the recognition of discovering a piece of history, but the treasures you will uncover can be worth much more.

In addition to the lost treasure from the 1715 Spanish fleet, the ocean surrounding the United States, particularly in the Florida area, is filled with sunken ships, many of which carried treasures unknown. This is why many treasure hunters focus on this area, giving them the chance to strike it big.

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