Whether you’re new to treasure hunting or seasoned in its ways, you’ve learned finding just the right spots can be a difficult endeavor. It doesn’t have to be. There are places all over the world and even in your own city to start a new treasure hunting search. All it takes is knowing the best spots and making a plan on how to get there and how to start discovering. We have compiled a list of the best locations to sniff out the biggest finds!

Spruce Pine, NC

In North Carolina, you will find the Blue Ridge Mountains, a spot known not only for its beautiful, sprawling landscape, but its abundant amount of gemstones just waiting to be plucked from the Earth. It runs especially aplenty with aquamarine. However, the mine contained within the mountains houses more than this gem. You’ll also be able to discover rubies, garnets and other types of valuable gems. You can even have your findings inspected on-site at no additional charge. It is the ideal location for treasure hunters with an avid interest in gems.

Deming, NM

New Mexico generally has all sorts of treasures hiding within its soil. However, Rockhound State Park, located in the city of Deming, is particularly profitable for anyone interested in hunting for geodes, also known as “thunder eggs.” Geodes are a type of rock that can be broken apart to expose glistening crystal formations inside, such as hematite and amethyst. Should you visit this park, you’ll have the opportunity to collect as much as 15 pounds worth of geodes to do whatever you wish with. This could mean 15 pounds worth of profit!

Pine Grove, CA

If you go to Pine Grove, you can visit Roaring Camp, which used to function as a 49ers camp back during the time of the Gold Rush. The gold mine on the site is still fully functional and will let you go mining for your own gold right in the Mokulmne River. If you’ve never panned for gold before, you have the option to take lessons at the site as well. You can even purchase tools to aid your panning process, such as gravel bags.

If You Can’t Afford to Travel…

You can easily find lost treasure in your local area! To do this, you will first need to do some research. You can go to your city’s library and easily find historical resources that will clue you in on potential treasure hunt ideas. Your search will prove even easier if you’re able to locate ancient maps of your area. Here are some great places to try and find:

  • The town’s former dumping grounds
  • Deserted homes
  • Historical emigration paths
  • Old battlefields
  • Any historical landmarks

At TreasureXP, we have all the resources you need to begin your treasure hunting journey, from advice on the best locations and methods to networking through our online forums. Contact us if you’re interested in this exciting and profitable venture!

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