You might think “legendary” lost treasure is the stuff of fiction, something you could only hope to find if you were a character in an Indiana Jones film. However, there are a vast array of lost treasures that actually exist in the real world, waiting to be found by whomever is willing to search hard enough for them. Keep reading to discover some of the most lucrative treasure hunting locations on the planet.

San Miguel

In the 18th century, Spain possessed an 11-ship fleet that carried a staggering $2-billion in treasures, including jewels, minerals and precious metals. The ships were last spotted near the coast of Florida, when they were thwarted in an attempt to make it back to their home destination before a devastating hurricane was due to hit. The ships immediately sank deep into the ocean’s depths, killing the sailing crews aboard and burying all of the riches far below the sea. As of present, crews have unearthed seven out of the 11 ships. However, it is believed all of the treasure aboard is still missing. The San Miguel is the most noteworthy lost ship. It held the largest amount of Spanish treasure. If you have diving experience and are willing to travel to the Floridian coast or perhaps beyond, the San Miguel and its riches could be yours.

The Treasure of Forrest Fenn

Forrest Fenn, a military pilot and master of treasure hunting in his own right, thought his last living act would be scattering every valuable he’d amassed over the years across the country, leaving riddles for other adventurous people to use to find all $1-million worth. However, as of 2015, he is still alive and no one has managed to unearth any of Fenn’s riches. If you dare, you could be the first person to find Fenn’s treasure.

The Buried Treasure of Key West

Spain is yet again the source of this mysteriously-located wealth mine. Nuestra Senora de Atocha, a 17th century Spanish fleet, was swept up in a severe storm while passing by the Florida Keys. Several of its ships were unable to survive the storm and sank below the sea’s surface, taking with it up to $700-million worth of valuables. Mel Fisher was able to find part of this massive prize, specifically around $500-million of it, during the mid-1980s. However, there is evidence that suggests more treasure waits to be found. The captain of the fleet wrote a manifesto detailing just how much treasure was loaded onto the fleet.

This is just a taste of hidden treasure troves that exist in the world. If you’re interested in the idea of real treasure hunts, we can point you in the right direction. If you’re interested in discovering more treasure hunting hotspots, contact us at our website. We provide a full network for treasure hunters to share and explore.