Treasuring hunting can be easy.

You don’t have to go far for treasure hunting.

Nothing feels better than coming across a forgotten piece of treasure, especially when it’s an item that can be turned into profit. The world is a gold mine of lost treasures people have simply forgotten about, and a little bit of treasure hunting can prove extremely valuable for those who know where to look. Real treasure hunters know no place is off-limits when it comes to finding gold or other treasure. Sometimes, the strangest places end up being the best places to look. I have compiled a list of a few unusual treasure hunting spots that can nonetheless be profitable for you, if you are willing to do a little work!

In the Back of a Picture Frame

Many people are distrustful of banks or even their family members and will hide money in strange places to avoid it being found. One of these places is behind picture frames, where many people reportedly find cash. If you take the time to look through antique shows, flea markets or even garage sales, you might be pleasantly surprised if you are willing to do a little extra digging and check behind old picture frames.


Searching the area around, under and on top of a bridge can unearth great treasures. Bridges are places where the earth has been moved, people and buildings may have been displaced and workers have been spending time. They are also places where people seek refuge from the elements, either long-term or temporarily. That, combined with the fact people actually hide money under bridges, make them a worthy spot to look for treasure.

The Town Dump

You knew this had to be on the list, didn’t you? Depending on your town, this may be off-limits, but if you happen to live or be traveling in a historic town, you might be able to find the location of an older town dump, where there could be remnants of former trash in the area or beneath the ground. Of course, no one wants to go rifling through trash, but the types of things people throw away can amaze you. Sometimes it is on accident, but sometimes people intentionally throw things away, not knowing how valuable it could be.

Hollow Handles or Door Locks

Really, anything with a hole in it or anything that is hollow and able to be taken apart and put back together should be considered a potential hiding place for treasure. Many people, both today and many years ago, have carried cash or other valuables around with them, stuffed into a knife handle or other small portable object. This method may have worked temporarily, but such items are often lost or forgotten about, and are just waiting for you to make a big discovery. Door locks, especially on older houses, are another great hiding place for cash, jewelry or other treasure that may have been left behind in a move.


Everyone has had that amazing experience of finding $5 in their back pocket at some point or another so why not try to make that experience into an everyday habit? Looking through thrift stores for money left in coat pockets or jeans is an easy way to treasure hunt. Garage sales and even lost and found bins are other sources of clothing that could contain money left behind and forgotten.

These spots are great for starting off your treasure hunting journey, but they aren’t the end-all be-all. For more tips on how to make the most of treasure hunting, contact us!